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Correctional News Highlights HDR’s Holistic Approach for Franklin County Corrections Center

The new Franklin County Corrections Center (FCCC) and HDR’s David Bostwick were recently featured in an article for Correctional News emphasizing the facility’s redesign to transform a “containment” agenda to an “outcome-focused” jail model. The replacement facility will combine two older facilities into one, encompassing around 423,000 SF of space. The holistic approach will incorporate “normalized” elements such as views to nature and nature murals to improve mental health and behavior.   

Bostwick is quoted saying “Franklin County was looking to build a model jail facility that others around the country could emulate. The goal [was] to assess people, provide them with effective behavioral health programming, and plan for their transition back into the community.” Franklin County's chief deputy with the sheriff’s office, Geoff Stobart, added the project has the “ultimate goal of being able to transition them back into the general population."

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