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Correctional News Spotlights Update on Franklin County Corrections Center

Franklin County Corrections Center
Franklin County Corrections Center nears completion (photo credit: Franklin County Sheriff's Office)

Correctional News recently covered the progress on the Franklin County Corrections Center in Columbus, Ohio. The completion, which is still on track to finish in early 2021, will help meet the county's needs in a critical time.

With added concerns from the current global health crisis, Sheriff Dallas Baldwin and the teams have accelerated preparations for the move to the new facility. Efforts to reduce the overall populations at the two jails have enabled his office to decrease the number of inmates at the downtown facility. The layout of the new jail will ensure physical distancing of inmates and better areas when quarantines are needed.

“This [pandemic] crisis is actually a perfect example of why we’re building the new facility the way that we’re building it,” said Chief Deputy Geoffrey Stobart. “It would be perfectly designed to handle a crisis like this.”

New Ohio Jail on Track to Open in 2021