Seattle City and Light, Diablo Dam | Dam Safety 2021

Dam Safety Awareness Day

Helping Dam Owners Make Informed Decisions 

Within our communities, we continue to face new obstacles and opportunities in our quest to improve the safety of our dams. This critical infrastructure reduces floods, generates hydroelectric power, supports navigation, protects the environment and provides water supply for drinking water, irrigation and recreation. Today, as we recognize National Dam Safety Awareness Day, we highlight the advances we’re making in the dam safety field. 

The efficient operation and maintenance of dams and hydraulic structures begins with safety. Our team of civil, geotechnical, hydraulic, mechanical and structural engineers, geologists and scientists provide structural inspection and analysis to improve the resiliency of these aging structures. Their expertise ranges from finite element analyses to rope access inspections to retrofit design and construction services. We embrace advanced technology, including unmanned aerial vehicles, precision instrumentation and advanced forecasting and modeling. 

As leaders in hydraulic structures evaluation, analysis and design, we’re helping dam owners make informed decisions so that dams can continue to provide their intended benefits in a safe and sustainable way.

The Front Lines in Dam Safety

Our rope access inspection team works on the front lines of dam safety every day. We have 44 inspectors and technicians certified by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians. Collectively, they’ve logged approximately 50,000 hours suspended from ropes, getting an up-close view of dams, bridges, tunnels and other hydraulic infrastructure. Those hands-on inspections have given team members a rarely seen perspective of some of the largest infrastructure in the world – including California’s Oroville Dam, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, New York’s Bayonne Bridge and Idaho’s Dworshak Dam, the third largest dam in the U.S.

Inspections by the numbers