Data-Driven Design Overview

We are fundamentally changing our methods of design practice and delivery.

Data-Driven Design is an emerging methodology at HDR that connects the built environment to predictive analytics and operational design through computational design. Together, these services represent a shift in how we deliver design and consulting services. We are connecting traditional consulting services to the built environment, and leveraging our expertise in design, strategy, research and analytics to consistently deliver highly integrated solutions.

We’re actively leading the charge by infusing data into our practice. Data-Driven Design has emerged through the integration of our computational design, predictive analytics and operations design services. It’s not a precise formula, but rather a process for solving complex problems. By leveraging our expertise and experience, we design integrated solutions that can’t be replicated anywhere else. Dive into the technology behind these revolutionary solutions and see how data informs design in our book, Data-Driven Design at HDR.