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Developing Grounds for Change in Behavioral Health Design

With a gap in research on the effects of wellness-centered design in behavioral health, HDR has partnered with the Institute for Patient Centered Design to advocate for and develop a new approach to inpatient psychiatric facility design. Throughout a three-year long effort, HDR, IPCD and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs New Jersey Health Care System developed evidence of how design aimed at creating relaxing and safe environments in behavioral healthcare can lead patients to be more receptive to their treatment. Our Project Architect Brian Giebink, along with coauthors Mary Therese Hankinson of VANJNHCS and Kimberley McMurray of Behavioral Health Facility Consulting LLC, discuss this effort to justify a move away from institutional design in the article 'Filling the Void' in the May issue of Healthcare Design Magazine.

Filling the void

Brian Giebink HDR
Behavioral and Mental Health Practice Leader