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Educating Our Future

Writing from his 25-year experience as an architect, and through his own experience earning a BA and MA in architectural studies, Doug Wignall explores why he firmly believes that a student’s journey is a time for dialogue, collaboration, risk-taking and innovation. That’s why, he expands further, he’s not sure that the concept of a structured education path that leads to licensure upon graduation from an accredited program is the right path.

“Where architects bring value to the world is through the wisdom we bring as designers of more than just buildings. We bring value when we assemble multi-disciplinary teams that foster progress. We bring value when we design complex and integrated building systems that support advanced discovery. We bring value when we design communities that enrich the ways people work, live and play. We bring value when we create architecture that enhances our day-to-day experiences, that creates a sense of place that is meaningful to the society it serves. We bring value when we design systems that are regenerative and restorative, that respect the human impact of our work.

What happens to this value if a speedier path to licensure fosters a new generation of professionals who are simply the reciter of facts instead the purveyor of ideas like the ones above. What happens to the value of what an architect brings to the world if the rigor to become critical thinkers is circumvented?”

Read the full article to explore Doug’s argument that architects might not be up to help solving global challenges if they are singularly focused on passing an exam and haven’t been encouraged to explore and, yes, even fail.