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Global Transit Director Tom Waldron Shares Outlook for 2021 with Railway Age

Tom Waldron

The January 2021 issue of Railway Age magazine explored the outlook for passenger rail, with most industry experts cautiously optimistic about the future. HDR Global Transit Director Tom Waldron was among those to share his predictions for 2021 with the publication. 

“The big question out there is the pace and rate at which people will come back,” Waldron said. Transit agency leaders “are watching the numbers — not only on ridership, but also what’s going on in their community, in terms of COVID-19 spikes, in terms of people out of work, in terms of real estate moves for residential and commercial. They are taking this entire sphere of information to formulate ideas on how they are going to operate service effectively and provide mobility to the people who need it, in an affordable manner.”

The article also explores ridership issues, federal funding predictions and when capital improvement projects might start moving ahead.

Waldron has 40 years of experience with many aspects of the transit industry. His responsibilities include setting HDR's vision and initiatives for continued growth and expansion in transit and passenger rail across North America and globally.

Read more in “Passenger Rail Outlook: Building Back” from Railway Age.