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Growing a Global Practice

In 2013, HDR acquired TMK Architekten • Ingenieure, a German healthcare architecture firm. Recently, Design Intelligence talked with Doug Wignall, HDR’s architecture practice president, and Johannes Kresimon, managing director of the German practice, about what they’ve learned in the years since the merger in regards to working across geographies and cultures. As told in the article, “Creating a Global Network: HDR + Germany’s TMK,” Doug and Johannes touched on a number of factors that have contributed to growing a successful global practice, including the need for shared values, an openness to learn from each other, and a willingness to understand and appreciate different cultures.

They also talked about how companies whose staff have opportunities to collaborate with others all over the world can help make the world a better place.

“I believe that, from a long-term perspective, global companies that work in different countries will help ensure that there are less conflicts in the world because, to work successfully, we must learn to understand and appreciate each other’s different cultures,” said Johannes. “We begin to depend on each other. And once that happens, I believe it breaks down the kind of thinking that leads to serious conflict and war. I hope the fact that we have more global companies in the world means the world becomes a better place.”

During the conversation, the two also touched on subjects such as the state of the German architecture market, some of the biggest uncertainties the architecture profession faces there and what talent recruitment and retention is like.

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