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HDR’s Data Wrangler Software Featured in Tradeline Article

Tradeline’s feature article “Using Data Driven Design to Produce Research-Supported, Customized Client Solutions” spotlight’s the use of HDR developed Data Wrangler software. The innovative data toolset enables our design team to collect a comprehensive data set for scenario testing — helping clients visualize the results and understand key metrics with real-time feedback.

The Data Wrangler process focuses on the benefits of leveraging a data-driven design approach in the early stages of planning, real estate utilization, design, and the impact on human and business outcomes. Within workplace design, some variables could include situations surrounding planning department adjacencies, decreasing or increasing square footage, changing space configurations, optimizing access to daylight and spaces for collaboration.

Quoted in the article, HDR’s Dan Williamson, computational design lead, explains “the Data Wrangler allows an infinite amount of custom data to be input, analyzed, and visualized in the early stages of planning and design. Valid data communicated in a clear and concise manner can help clients cohesively and holistically understand the differences in the various options or scenarios they might be considering for their future needs.”

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