I’m Invested: Susana Erpestad

Every one of our employees has their own ownership story. For Susana Erpestad, owning a piece of her company is a lot more than dollars and cents – it’s about the culture it creates within HDR, which is something she saw early on in her tenure.

“I bought stock right away,” she said. “When you’re an owner, it just changes the approach to your work. We own the company, and we are responsible for our success. We have an extra level of commitment to our partners, and that is a very powerful value added to our culture. We all believe in ownership, and we live and operate as owners.”

After starting her career with HDR in Phoenix in 2010, Susana now resides in our Arlington, Virginia, office. She’s seen the effect of employee ownership in the way we work with our clients and our coworkers.

“Employee ownership elevates the quality of our design work and promotes productivity,” she said. “We treat each other as accountable partners because we are all invested in, represent and believe in the company we own. We all care about HDR and the future we hold together.”

Susana is invested in HDR, and she’s proud to bring that culture to her coworkers and clients every day.

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