Interstate 80 Automated Corridors Report

Automated vehicles are projected to comprise between 20 and 85 percent of all traffic by 2040. The exact saturation is hard to know but Iowa Department of Transportation wants to prepare its heavily trafficked Interstate 80 corridor. That's why our transportation technology team produced this research-based report for Iowa DOT.  In it, we assess the benefits of deploying automated technologies, and we offer strategies for integrating them during infrastructure improvements. 

We used scenario planning, predictive safety analysis and customized traffic-capacity simulation to offer Iowa DOT a guide for future planning and policy. And given current uncertainty about technology adoption rates, we outline opportunities according to both aggressive and conservative timelines. In every case, our results show that "future-proofing," or in other words, deploying provisions for automated and connected vehicles, will allow for double digit improvements in capacity, quality of service, travel-time reliability and safety.