2019 HDR's One Water Institute Scholarship

Investing In One Water Research and Its Future Workforce

As the demand for innovation in the water industry continues to grow, so does the need for a robust workforce. To help alleviate and elevate this industry need, HDR’s One Water Institute has decided to double down on investment for the future of One Water leaders.

Since 2012, HDR has participated in American Water Works Association’s Scholarship Program. What started as a $5,000 yearly investment honoring HDR’s first water director, Henry “Bud” Benjes, will become a $10,000 scholarship in 2020. The goal to award one graduate student advancing water science has remained consistent, yet more intentional outreach to applied water researchers has taken shape.      

Jessica Baker became the first recipient of HDR’s One Water Institute Scholarship on June 11, 2019. “I’m very excited about the way this program is evolving,” said Chance Lauderdale, HDR’s drinking water director. “With an emphasis on graduate student researchers, I think our scholarship has the potential to go beyond the laboratory and into the industry. ‘One Water’ innovations need bright minds, and bright minds need our support.”

Pursuing a Ph.D. at Colorado State University, Jessica has focused her research on improving the hydraulic disinfection efficiency of drinking water processes. Ultimately, she hopes to contribute to creative solutions to make water systems more effective, efficient, and sustainable.

“Connecting with Jessica aligns perfectly with HDR’s One Water Institute goal to leverage technical expertise, industry partnerships, and past water research to serve our communities,” said Christina Alito, HDR’s One Water Institute Lead. “We’re currently working with Jessica to find partnership opportunities that can support her research while also helping our clients think outside the box.” 

Jessica added, “With this scholarship, I have been encouraged that the work I am doing is worthwhile. This financial assistance is incredibly helpful for research expenses, both materials for experimentation as well as financial support.”

If you, or a graduate student you know, would be interested in applying for HDR’s One Water Institute Scholarship, visit AWWA’s Scholarship Program website