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Lloyd Brown Discusses Infrastructure Bill, Road Safety with Talking Michigan Transportation

Lloyd Brown
Lloyd Brown

HDR’s Lloyd Brown shared insights on the federal infrastructure bill and other issues on the Talking Michigan Transportation podcast, a program of the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Brown, a senior strategic communications consultant and former communications director at the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, noted the equity component in the priorities of the federal government as the infrastructure bill begins to be implemented.

“Nearly every conversation that is made around public engagement comes with an increased focus and attention to equity, and not just equality and not just fairness, but equity, and what that means in all its various shapes and sizes,” he said. “So, departments of transportation at the city, county, state level and governments of all types — transit organizations — are developing their concepts and frameworks for what that means to them — equity in the context of their communities.”

Brown also discussed his concern with regard to traffic safety, especially as a driver and as a parent.

“Well, I'm concerned that speed and inattention continue to be problem areas that we just can't seem to get a handle on,” he said.

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