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Modern Freight Planning Strategies to Improve Livability


In the e-commerce age, effective, comprehensive and thoughtful planning for freight is more important than ever. We depend on trucks to move goods where we want them when we want them, faster than ever. But they also create noise and pollution, contribute to congestion, and can be a safety risk to others. Good planning can help address these concerns and avoid the worst of their impacts.

Our freight planner in New York City, Tom Visée, AICP, MPM, wrote about the challenges in Planning magazine, the monthly publication of the American Planning Association. His article focuses on movement strategies for urban goods that can be used to improve efficiency, avoid congestion and create safer streets.

We advise metropolitan planning organizations and departments of transportation on ways to improve a city's livability by focusing on safe, efficient and environmentally friendly goods movement. The article is based on our experience working for those clients and studying cases from all over the world to stay at the front line of freight planning.

Visée offers eight approaches to keep delivery trucks rolling while creating less impact on traffic, the environment, and city residents and employees.


This article was originally published in Planning, the magazine of the American Planning Association, in the November 2019 issue. Available here by permission.