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North Vancouver City Library Awarded LEED Gold Certification

The North Vancouver City Library has recently been awarded LEED Gold certification by the Canada Green Building Council. On Tuesday, May 12, North Vancouver Mayor, Darrell Mussatto, unveiled the LEED Gold plaque which will now be a permanent reminder of the facility’s environmental stewardship.

Committed to a Sustainable Future

“The Library is one of only four buildings on the North Shore to receive LEED Canada Gold certification. This certification demonstrates our commitment to ensuring a more sustainable future for City residents. By incorporating green building practices into our community’s civic buildings, we are actively creating a sustainable future.”

Darrell Mussatto, Mayor of North Vancouver

The Library was designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects in a joint venture with HDR|CEI. The building, which was designed and constructed with LEED certification in mind from the onset of the project, opened its doors in September 2008. In this time, the three-story building has become a popular destination for city residents, and is often a venue for community events.

The library’s infrastructure contains several sustainable features that helped it to achieve the certification, such as radiant heating and cooling, solar panels, low flush toilets and solar shading. Individuals wishing to learn more about the facility’s green components are encouraged to participate in a Sustainability Tour that takes every month.

More information can be found on the North Vancouver City Library website.