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Practical Advice for Emerging Transportation Leaders

Today’s new leaders in transportation have a daunting challenge in front of them, with mobility trends changing, revenue sources in flux and technology transforming the way we transport goods and people. In this environment, it’s important for those in charge to stay cognizant of what’s most important and to understand how to be their best.

Maggie Walsh
Maggie Walsh

Maggie Walsh, who leads global strategic pursuits for HDR’s transportation program and serves on the Eno Board of Advisors, offered her advice in a special “Emerging Leaders” edition of the Eno Transportation Weekly newsletter, a publication of the Eno Center for Transportation. In her nearly three decades in the industry, Maggie has lived in five countries and has been involved in the planning, management and execution of strategic efforts for HDR across the United States and around the world.

Walsh offers several keys to success for emerging leaders: Understand yourself, start simple and bring your best you to whatever you’re doing. She suggests celebrating even the small victories, paying attention to personal health and maintaining a lifelong curiosity.

“The transportation industry is one of the best industries to excel in your career,” Maggie wrote. “Every day you get to do something that makes our communities even better. We are truly fortunate to have jobs that are this fulfilling.”

Read all of Walsh’s advice in "Leadership Matters, So Does Self-Awareness" published by Eno.