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Pratibha Basrao Discusses the Evolution of Geospatial Technologies in CIOReview

Five Digital Transformation Trends in the A/E/C Industry

In a recent article for CIOReview magazine, Pratibha Basrao examines the role of technology in the life cycle of buildings and infrastructure. In the story, "GIS Technologies Drive Transformation in the A/E/C Industry," Pratibha explores the rapid evolution and need for these solutions.

She writes, "Engineers, architects and scientists are constantly looking at new ways to deploy geospatial technologies and meet their clients’ growing expectations. New partnerships between tech companies — Microsoft, Autodesk, Esri, SAP, City Works etc. — are being forged to bring value to end users at increasing speeds. The traditional A/E/C business model will also need to evolve by bringing in more technologists to help our project teams and our clients and guide us through this digital transformation."