Gulf Coast BP Oil Spill Cleanup

Resiliency’s Role in Our Coastal Communities

When we think about our coastlines, many images come to life. We conjure expressions of vibrant cities, healthy marshes, fishing vessels landing their catch, distinct cultural pockets and rich social customs. We gain many benefits from the coast. We obtain our foods from it. We work in it. We play in it. We live it. Our coastal wetlands, on which many of these benefits rely, face intense survival pressures. Climate change is one of the greatest natural challenges to our coastal wetlands and the economic and social fiber of our coastal communities. Manifestations, such as sea level rise, extreme temperature and precipitation events and increased storm intensities, pose unique challenges to the integrity of our wetlands. Yet the health of our coastal communities relies on the survival of our coastal wetlands. Read more to find out how we can help our coastal wetlands systems stay, or become, resilient enough to face climate challenge.

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