Rise of the Automated Vehicles — Preparing for Iowa's Future

During development of our automated corridors report for Iowa DOT’s Automated Vehicle Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) Study, the agency approached our transportation technology team about creating a visual illustration in the form of a video. The video would be used to help educate the general public about automated vehicle technologies.

Making information easily accessible took a top priority for Iowa DOT. The department wanted to explain its planning efforts along Interstates 80 and 380, and generate public interest in potential, future transportation system investments. 

Our strategic communications team developed the concept, script, storyboard and video. Video production included Vissim traffic simulation of data collected during our Interstate 80 Automated Corridors Study. We translated this data into a visually dynamic illustration of market adoption of AV technology in Iowa. This visual imagery assists the DOT in explaining a highly technical subject matter to many audiences of varying levels of understanding.