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Rowan Pump Station Featured in American Infrastructure Magazine

The $37 million Rowan Deep Tunnel Submersible Pump Station will divert approximately 439 million gallons of rainwater and wastewater per year from overflowing and polluting the Ohio River. As the Louisville-Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District's response to a consent decree limiting the quantity of combined sewer overflows, the Rowan Pump Station is the deepset submersible pump station in Kentucky. Its 4-mile underground tunnel will be able to collect CSOs from 25 locations along the Ohio River until capacity is available in the sewer and treatment systems. 

HDR is the lead engineer on this innovative project, which was featured in American Infrastructure magazine's latest issue. Wastewater project principal Mike Rudisell was interviewed for the article and discussed how the Rowan Pump Station is an aspiration for others as a project that can teach many valuable lessons to other engineers considering alternatives for deep pumping applications. 

"We wanted our structure there to be functional on the inside to take care of our wastewater pumping needs, but also attractive on the outside to be worthy of being part of a world-class public park like we have in Waterfront Park,” Rudisell said. "The project’s nature promotes and supports safe, clean waterways in the region and will contribute to economic, social and environmental benefits.”

Read more about this award-winning project in "Containing CSOs in Kentucky" from American Infrastructure magazine.