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Six Strategies for Regenerative Park & Recreation Environments

Gene Leahy Mall

In an original bylined article, Mary Chow demystifies the term “regenerative design” for parks and recreation professionals, contextualizing how community engagement and smart design advance social equity and environmental justice. Referencing HDR's Regenerative Design Framework, project examples in the U.S. and Canada, commentary from colleagues, and anecdotes from user group meetings, six strategies for embracing regenerative design include:

  1. Context is everything
  2. Look at capital and operational costs holistically
  3. Understand the nuances of healthy living and community building
  4. Prioritize early community engagement
  5. Consider “out of the box” approaches to programming
  6. Don’t underestimate the importance of change management

Read the full article, "Embracing Regenerative Design," in the April issue of Parks & Recreation Magazine.