Speaking of Design Ep. 8: The State of Inmate Healthcare — Complexities in Design


Providing healthcare for inmates poses a complex challenge with agendas often viewed as contradictory. How do you design a space for healing and treatment in a facility intended for punishment? Is there an optimal location for providing such care? Is it more cost-effective to provide medical services in-house, or transport inmates to established healthcare facilities? In this episode, we’ll explore the current state of healthcare in corrections through HDR Fellow Dave Redemske’s research Providing Healthcare in the Prison Environment. Dave and his colleagues discuss what’s being done to improve the level of care and how inmate healthcare, at its root, is a public health issue.


Featured on this Podcast

Dave Redemske

Dave Redemske is an architect and health planning principal with over 27 years of industry experience. A Certified Correctional Health Professional, Dave was the recipient of HDR’s first architecture fellowship and spent a year examining healthcare in the U.S. prison system. His research focused on the complexity of the environments in which healthcare is delivered to U.S. prison inmates, including the prison clinic or infirmary, regional correctional medical facilities, and community hospitals. More about Dave

Cyndi McCullough

Cyndi McCullough spent more than 30 years as a registered nurse. Her experience with patients and clinical and operational understanding has made her an invaluable team member on numerous healthcare projects. As a clinician planner and director of evidence-based design at HDR, Cyndi works closely with designers throughout programming, schematics and design development to create some of the most efficient and effective healthcare environments today.  More about Cyndi

David Bostwick

David Bostwick is an architect with expertise in justice facility planning and design. David has been instrumental in completing a variety of justice projects, including federal and state prisons, county jails, law enforcement facilities and courts projects throughout the country. He is focused on working through the public planning process with his clients to develop solutions that are operationally efficient, sustainable and focused on their long-term needs. More about David

Dr. Jeri Brittin

Dr. Jeri Brittin believes that design can and should be leveraged to achieves outcomes that matter to people, organizations and communities. As director of research at HDR, Jeri brings science and design together, addressing the inherent tensions between the two, and firmly holds that each has much to offer the other. Jeri trained as a public health research scientist and maintains an active national and international collaboration network. More about Jeri

Greg Cook

Greg Cook was the first architect in the U.S. to become a Certified Correctional Health Professional. With over 21 years of experience, he is a recognized thought leader in justice facility planning and design, having written and spoken extensively on restorative design concepts that positively influence the human experience.

Credits: Produced by Danny Sullivan and John Tourek. Special thanks to Kristen Hartman and Carol O'Donnell.