Hurricane Sandy

Waterscapes - Resiliency

Published 10 years after Hurricane Katrina, this issue of Waterscapes offers a broad view of resilience. The articles discuss planning for potential future events and adaptively managing our infrastructure. We believe the principles of resiliency discussed in these articles are achievable, practical and essential for our communities.

  • Resiliency - A Global Movement by Robert Beduhn  (Pg. 2)
  • Resiliency’s Role in Our Coastal Communities by Betty Dehoney and Lynette Cardoch (Pg. 4)
  • Resiliency in Fisheries Design by Ken Ferjancic (Pg. 8)
  • Seismic Considerations for Water Distribution Resiliency in California by Mark Stanley (Pg. 12)
  • Long Range Water Supply Plan for the City of Dallas by Cory Chockley (Pg. 17)

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