When Industries Collide: Innovation Experts Discuss Leading Change

Looking at innovation solely through the lens of a single industry can be limiting. At the Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience Summit in May, I was fortunate enough to sit down with experts from industries outside of healthcare to talk about what it takes to lead change from within organizations and to be always striving for progress and new ideas.

Learning from what they do in their industries is often eye-opening and I am finding more and more that there is an intersection between our work in healthcare design and the work they are doing to push the limits of innovation.

I asked six questions of the panel and the conversation took several unexpected turns from a musical theater metaphor to a basement innovation studio called The Underground. The industry leaders who joined me were Garrett Miller, vice president of strategic marketing and creative director for healthcare, education and government with Herman Miller; Peter Ruppe, senior vice president of footwear at Under Armour; and Matthew Von Ertfelda, senior vice president of food and beverage for the global operations of Marriott Corporation.

Read more about the insights they offered:

  • What Do Consumers Expect?
    Consumers in every industry have changed over the last 10 to 20 years. Learn how changes from within industries have impacted consumer expectations.

  • Remain Nimble to Evolve
    With a rapidly evolving healthcare industry and changing patient expectations, response to consumer needs is critical. Find out how different organizations respond to those changes.

  • The Inversion and The Underground
    Maintaining competitive advantage within industries that require the release of new products in rapid cadence is not easy. Learn how the healthcare industry could change its approach to thinking about innovation in competition.

  • How Musical Theater Relates to Product Experience
    Experience design can mean many things in the context of different industries. Read what the panelists had to say about moving the needle forward in regards to experience design in all industries, including healthcare.

  • Missionary or Mercenary?
    Experiences in healthcare are often hard to compare to other industry experiences. Find out what surprised the panelists about their healthcare experiences and how those compare to the experiences they create for their guests and consumers.

  • Organizations Don’t Change, People Change
    Many health organizations want to change for the future. Read the panelists’ advice to healthcare leaders on how to get started.

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