Lecturers + Critics Presentation

Lecturers + Critics

Using discourse and critique to elevate 
creativity in the design professions.

The Lecturers + Critics program at HDR is intended to introduce academia and design organizations to some of our experienced leaders who welcome opportunities to connect with students and the profession through formal and informal presentations, lectures, critiques, panel discussions and workshops.

We value this important discourse and subsidize travel expenses accordingly for these individuals. Please click on their names to learn more about their lecture topics and jury experience.

For More Info Contact:

Katie Sosnowchik
Communications Principal

katie.sosnowchik [at] hdrinc.com (Email Katie)

2019 - 2020 Lecturers and Critics Series

Global Director of Design

“Architecture enhances and expresses the beauty inherent in balance: between public and private; rational and intuitive; and function and delight.”

Site Design Principal

“I lived in multiple countries around the world from a young age, which allowed me to experience regionalism and the way place reflects the uniqueness of culture.”

Director, Mixed-Use & Workplace

“I’ve always felt that as architects, if we weren’t going to make the ordinary things better then who would?"

Design Principal

"Everything we want to do is elegantly approaching everything we need to do. In this way, architects can play part-steward and part-catalyst — towards a well-cradled and well-crafted built future."

Design Director

"Design is all about the intangibles, the human experience, and that emanates from empathy."

Design Director

"Creativity is not talent, but attitude. It’s about being open, rather than closed.”