Mohammed A. Ayoub, D.Arch, AIA, RIBA


"Design is all about the intangibles, the human experience,
and that emanates from empathy."

Mohammed not only leads design in HDR’s Manhattan office, but he also spearheads a firm-wide initiative to integrate advanced innovative technologies into the design process. His award-winning portfolio demonstrates his ability to understand and capture the mission and spirit of a wide variety of organizations and translate these qualities into meaningful architecture. He has designed more than 20 million square feet of healthcare facilities globally, seamlessly guiding his clients through complex projects from San Francisco to India to Abu Dhabi and China, including several medical cities in Saudi Arabia. Learn more about Mohammed


Design for Context: Small Details, Big Impact

Mohammed has led design teams for much-applauded healthcare facilities worldwide that blend advanced solutions with sensitivity to local customs, rituals and
religions. This presentation explores a strategic branding process that inspires healthcare facilities to cater to the needs and customs of the community, down to the last detail. Learn how intangible factors — local customs, familiar color palettes and cultural symbols — can’t be measured but often determine a facility’s ability to build trust and lasting success within a community.

Harmonizing Data-Driven Design with Patient Experience

This presentation explores how informing the design process with rich data results in the best design solutions to meet each client’s unique needs. Experience design is crucial...

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