Exterior of the Cancer Care Center

Designing for Scientific Discovery

In 2012, The University of Texas MD Anderson launched its ambitious Moon Shots Program to rapidly and dramatically reduce mortality and suffering in seven cancers. The Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Building for Personalized Cancer Care was designed to contribute to that goal.

The facility embraces the trend toward greater multi-disciplinary collaboration in order to accelerate the development of treatments and cures. The essential ingredient of translational research is people. And specifically, it's about people from different disciplines and programs exchanging ideas. The tower encourages that exchange, with four slender wings, like a pin-wheel, with a gathering place for people at the center.

Additionally, in a departure from the mostly brick buildings comprising MD Anderson, the "crystal" tower is visible from virtually any place on campus — an orienting landmark that suggests that "research as usual" is not conducted here.

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