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Correctional Health

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We’re recognized as a pioneer within the justice industry, helping to define and implement a constitutional level of care for corrections, detention, medical and mental healthcare facilities. In the last 30 years, what was once considered radical detention and operational ideas are now current best practices: access to daylight, open intake waiting area, normative design, direct supervision, and inmate programs focused on treatment and transition back into the community.

Outcomes and Treatment-Focused 

It's the beginning of a new era formed by a changing world view toward detainees with mental health concerns and a shift away from strictly containment-focused towards outcomes and treatment-focused. Access to care, positive environments, and continuity of care for detainees with behavioral health issues ultimately affects each of us in communities across the U.S. and around the world. 

Our justice experts have explored the pertinent issues and design challenges surrounding behavioral health within secure facilities — all to help our clients make informed, cost-effective and enlightened choices when planning jails, prisons, and behavioral health facilities in their communities.

Behavioral and Mental Health at HDR

Beyond detentions and corrections, we're recognized experts in behavioral and mental health facilities across a wide spectrum. See what we're doing in diversion facilities, rehabilitation centers, outpatient care and more.

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