Bridgewater Hydroelectric

HydroVision International

June 26 - 28, 2018

Charlotte Convention Center
Charlotte, NC
United States

Join us at HydroVision — the largest worldwide gathering of hydro professionals — in Charlotte, North Carolina. Learn about market trends, the latest technology and best practices directly from the experts. 

We’re a proud sponsor and have several hydropower experts speaking at sessions. You are also invited to stop by our booth #1228. We’d love to chat!

The Business Case – Getting Paid for Grid-Scale Energy Storage 

Tuesday, June 26 | 10:15-11:30 a.m.
Grid-Scale Energy Storage Summit | Session: 4 | Markets Focus
Moderator: Rick Miller, P.E., Hydropower Practice Lead, HDR

Even with the most progressive energy policies and innovative approaches to taking advantage of the synergies among renewable generation technologies, the topic of markets remains. Market mechanisms are needed that recognize the value of and financially reward grid-scale energy storage. What market structures work best? How can hydro, wind, and solar work more effectively with the ISOs and RTOs to get outcomes that work for all involved?

Co-op Partners: How to Achieve "No Change Orders"

Thursday, June 28 | 8:30 - 10 a.m.
Session: 4A | Track A: Asset Resilience and Sustainability
Panelist: Karen Graham, PMP, Hydropower Business Class Leader, HDR

Just like the NASCAR circuit, enter the hydropower racing oval with our expert panel and discuss methods that use non-cost-based, yet competitive selection processes to assemble diverse project teams of researchers, engineering, manufacturing, construction and operations. Discover how you can create winning teams of innovators and better achieve project objectives surrounding new development and rehabilitation work with a much higher certainty of reaching the final project cost target.

Collaborative Process Involving the Licensee, FERC, and Owner's Engineer in the Final IDF Remediation Alternative Selection to Modify the Cedar Cliff Hydroelectric Development to Safely Pass the PMF

Thursday, June 28 | 3 - 4:30 p.m.
Session: 6J2 | Track: Water Management & Movement
Presenter: Tim Banta, P.E., Project Manager, HDR

Place yourself in the position of a Licensee who has just been informed that their hydro project’s Inflow Design Flood (IDF) has been increased from 42 percent of the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) to 100 percent of the PMF.  What steps and processes would you pursue as the Licensee to evaluate IDF remediation alternatives and select one alternative to pursue for design/construction of such a large spillway capacity increase?  This paper discusses the collaborative process employed by Duke Energy and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to identify, evaluate, and select the final IDF remediation alternative. Duke Energy and the FERC established a Core Team approach to determine the best remediation alternative.   The Core Team, comprised of representatives from the FERC, Duke Energy, and HDR, identified and evaluated IDF remediation alternatives, selected a final remediation alternative, and conducted the formal pre-engineering design PFMA. Construction is expected to begin in mid-2019.

Track Chairs and Session Co-Chairs

Steve Poteet, P.E., Senior Project Manager, HDR 

  • Track Chair | Equipment and Technology: Technical papers presented in this track focus on all things equipment, such as controls, bearings, generators, turbines, instrumentation and more. In addition, speakers cover innovative ideas and new technology.
  • Track Chair | Water Management and Movement: From basin-wide planning to flood protection to water resource management, these technical paper authors cover a wide range of topics related to managing and moving water at dams and hydropower plants.
  • Track Chair | Project Management and Operations: Managing and operating hydroelectric projects is an ongoing challenge. The technical papers presented here focus on a variety of issues of this nature, including planning and forecasting, power system stability, risk assessment, and transmission issues.
  • Track Chair | Market Trends and Strategies: Significant changes in the global marketplace are affecting hydropower generation and development. Technical paper authors will discuss development opportunities, pumped storage, small hydro and the rehabilitation market.
  • Track Chair | Social/Environmental: Authors present technical papers on a variety of topics related to the environmental and social aspects of hydropower plants and their operations, including climate change, fish habitat and protection, and tribal/indigenous peoples perspectives.

Justin Niedzialek, P.E., Ph.D., Engineering Section Manager, HDR

  • Track Co-Chair | Water and Environment: Experts provide solutions to challenges and share insights about water resource negotiations, the impact of climate change, and new tools for reservoir management.

Eric Girardin, P.E., Senior Mechanical Engineer, HDR 

  • Session Co-Chair | Hot Topics in Turbine Technology: Wednesday, June 27 | 8:30 - 10 a.m.