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International Right of Way Association (IRWA) Annual International Education Conference

June 9 - 12, 2019

Hilton Portland Downtown
921 SW 6th Avenue
Portland, OR
United States

At this year’s IRWA Annual International Education Conference, you’ll learn the latest right of way trends, tools and innovations impacting the industry today. Check out where you can find our experts and gain invaluable insight into a variety of exciting topics, including ROW project delivery, airport land development, field safety and more. 

We are a proud Gold sponsor of this year's meeting.

Our Sessions

Innovations in Right of Way Project Delivery  

  • Presenters:  Janae Barbeau, WA Real Estate Services Lead and Designated Broker, HDR; Mary Dorman, Esq., Associate Vice President, HDR; Nick Bowman, Deputy Right of Way Manager, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise; Chad E. Marcus, MPA, Right of Way Program Manager, HNTB
  • Monday, June 10 | 10-11 a.m. | Broadway III/IV

During our presentation, we will discuss how we have successfully used innovative ideas and technology to substantially reduce ROW schedules and save millions of dollars. We will engage our audience by demonstrating some of the technology tools and strategies used by our teams, and we will share a sneak peek of new technology tools we hope to use in the near future. Topics of discussion include process innovation, how to leverage the whole team, active project management and technology.

Being a Good Neighbor — Right of Way's Role in Vegetation Management and Disaster Preparedness Programs

  • Presenters: Ben McKinsey, Project Manager, HDR; James Prossick, SR/WA, R/W-RAC, R/W-NAC , R/W-AC Vice President & Professional Associate Right of Way Services, HDR; Matthew Wigle, Associate Vice President, HDR; Blandon Granger, SR/WA, Supervisor, Real Estate Services, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
  • Monday, June 10 | 10-11 a.m. | Galleria South

Effective emergency preparedness planning and vegetation management practices are critical to avoiding system failures. In fact, disaster preparedness has become a primary concern for today’s power delivery utilities with the rise in natural disasters. Utilizing new technology and understanding the corridor owner’s property rights is key to developing a sound corridor management plan. The integration of public involvement and right of way components aimed at making impacted landowners and stakeholders part of your corridor management plan can help to develop and maintain “good neighbor” landowner relationships. This allows for effective and efficient vegetation management practices, as well as improved response times during times of emergency.

FAA Airport Land Development and Valuation Standards

  • Presenters: Rick Etter, Federal Aviation Administration/HDR; Joel Nelson, Airport Property & Real Estate Manager, Salt Lake City Department of Airports
  • Monday, June 10 | 2-3 p.m. | Skyline II

FAA Compliance Guidance letter 2018-3, Appraisal Standards for the Sale and Disposal of Federally Obligated Airport Property assists airport owners solicit needed appraisals to support the development of airport land. This session will introduce the FAA standards and describe the documentation requirements for airport land development. Speakers will describe the application of the FAA standards for commercial development, terminal development, use of airport land for solar or mineral extraction and joint use of airport land for transportation and community use. Goals in the U.S. are to maximize economic returns to the airports and the surrounding community for coordinated land development with airport operations.

Protect Your Prime Asset — Field Staff Safety Procedures in The Modern Age

  • Presenters: Dave Clemens, West Region Safety, Health & Environmental Manager, HDR; Cadence Kerr, Vice President and Senior Project Manager, HDR; James Prossick, SR/WA, R/W-RAC, R/W-AC, Vice President & Professional Associate Right of Way Services, HDR; Pat Thayer, SR/WA, Senior Project Manager & Professional Associate, HDR; Mike Bulzomi, SR/WA, Deputy Director for Real Property Project Delivery, Sound Transit
  • Tuesday, June 11 | 3-4 p.m. | Galleria South

The current climate of anti-government and anti-project public sentiment and the number of large infrastructure projects located in either remote rural areas or transitional urban areas represent new safety concerns for the right of way staff working on those projects, who often work alone. To ensure their safety, dedicated field operation protocols and safety training needs to be part of modern project planning and implementation. This session will provide an overview of field safety procedures, as well as a review of current safety concerns and innovative technology, procedures and training that is being developed and used today to ensure the safety of your right of way staff.

Developing the Next Generation of ROW Professionals

  • Presenters: Carol Bellinger, SR/WA, Associate Vice President and National Transportation Real Estate Services Director, HDR; Drew Gilmore, Administrator, ODOT Office of Real Estate; Catherine Colan Muth, CEO, O.R. Colan Associates & ORC Utility & Infrastructure Land Services, LLC; Rob Stapley, Right of Way Bureau Chief, Montana Department of Transportation
  • Wednesday, June 12 | 8-9 a.m. | Pavilion Ballroom East

The right of way profession is experiencing a loss of professional expertise as the Baby Boomers retire. Adding to the shortage of qualified right of way professionals is the decades old practice of state highway departments to reduce their staff, cut internal training programs and encourage early retirement. With state budgets already inadequate for the transportation needs of the states, training new right of way professionals is a low priority for most states. In the utility sector, there is also a shortage of qualified professionals due to the demographics of our population. What is your agency or company doing to create the next generation of talent for our industry?