Denver Skyline | 2020 Rocky Mountain Virtual Water Summit & Expo

2021 Rocky Mountain Water Summit & Expo

September 14 - 17, 2021

Virtual Summit
United States

We are excited to present at the Rocky Mountain Virtual Water Summit and Expo. We hope you will tune in as we share research and insights on topics such as utility management, wastewater treatment, and diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Our Rocky Mountain Water Summit Presentations

Track 1 - Distribution/Collection
Westminster’s Journey to Sustainable Stormwater Infrastructure

  • Presenter: Chris Parton

Taking capital planning to the next level: Leveraging system data to guide level of service goals and capital development

  • Presenter: Eric Spooner, P.E.

Track 3 - Diversity & Inclusion/Leadership
Reflect the Communities You Serve – How To Foster Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Water Sector

  • Presenter: Teigan Gulliver, P.E. (LIVE) 

Track 6 - Wastewater Treatment
Knowing Your Plant Better Through COD

  • Presenter: Dmitriy Zinchenko