Girdwood Wastewater Treatment Plant Water Quality Data Review | 2022 NACWA Winter Conference

2022 National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) Winter Conference

January 31, 2022 -
February 03, 2022

The Scottsdale Plaza Resort
Scottsdale, AZ
United States

The Future of Clean Water | Emerging Stronger, Preparing for What’s Next

We're excited to be Steward sponsors and to participate in the NACWA Winter Conference which is focused on exploring the critical role of public clean water agencies in dealing with 21st-century water quality issues. Join Trent Stober at the discussion session on advancing water resilience or catch up with our professionals attending the conference about the latest in water quality. 

Tuesday, February 1 | 3:45 – 4:45 p.m.
Discussion Session: Advancing Water Resiliency 

  • Panelist: Trent Stober

The past two years have seen many utilities managing one crisis atop another, with the stakes seeming ever higher to build greater resilience into utility physical infrastructure, operations, and staffing. Join a discussion of how utilities are prioritizing resilience under uncertainty and communicating the need for investment, and an update on emerging federal actions as part of the infrastructure and Building Back Better policy-making efforts.