10 HDR Architects Earn Healthcare Architecture Certification

The American College of Healthcare Architects (ACHA) has announced that 10 HDR architects have earned board certification in healthcare architecture.

In order to achieve the certification, architects must pass the accredited examination that assesses understanding of healthcare architecture, as well as submit data-heavy portfolios to document and outline their experience. Six letters of recommendation from clients and peers are required.

“The healthcare industry recognizes quality and establishes standards in every aspect of care delivery to keep patients safe and create a more effective and empathetic patient experience. I am proud of our 10 architects who passed the exam this year, joining 12 others at HDR,” said Hank Adams, Global Director, Health, at HDR. “Through experience and study, they have shown that they meet and possibly exceed the standards set for international specialization in healthcare architecture.”

HDR’s newly ACHA-certified architects include:

  • Chris Bormann – Princeton, New Jersey
  • Allen Buie – Boston, Massachusetts
  • Katie Fricke – Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Jerry Jeter – Denver, Colorado
  • Bill Lee – San Francisco, California
  • Mike Roughan – Boston, Massachusetts
  • Michael Street – New York City, New York
  • Matt Suarez – Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Fang Yang – Los Angeles, California
  • Brian Zabloudil – Omaha, Nebraska

Previously ACHA-certified architects at HDR include:

  • Hank Adams – Dallas, Texas
  • Jim Atkinson – Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Jill Bergman – San Francisco, California
  • Tracy Bond – Arlington, Virginia
  • Steve Cano – Houston, Texas
  • Neal Corbett – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Susana Erpestad – Arlington, Virginia
  • Richard Harris – Houston, Texas
  • Fernando Rodrigues – Houston, Texas
  • Mark Tiscornia – Phoenix, Arizona
  • Sandy Tkacz – Arlington, Virginia