Baxter Arena

Baxter Arena Wins ACI Outstanding Achievement Award

University of Nebraska Omaha's Baxter Arena has won a 2016 Outstanding Achievement Award for the use of concrete from the American Concrete Institute (ACI), Nebraska Chapter.

Concrete plays an important role both inside and outside the arena. It serves as a cornerstone of the arena’s aesthetics and contributes to the open, “industrial” character of the building. Inside the arena, precast concrete is used for the seating risers and the polished concrete floors. Not as noticeable but equally important are the two concrete slabs that form the interior ice rinks. Both rinks are 85 feet by 200 feet and were constructed in a single pour with no construction joints.

Part of the work outside the arena involved 1,800 parking stalls in five different parking lots, with additional streets and a bridge added throughout the site to provide access to these lots.

HDR senior structural engineer John Savage says,

“Concrete plays a major role in the project structurally, as well as architecturally. Baxter Arena is a good example of how concrete can be used, not only for its strength and durability but also for its beauty.” 

Savage and structural engineer Cary Schroeder accepted the award for the project at the ACI Nebraska Annual Awards Banquet on February 3, 2017 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Baxter Arena is designed by HDR in collaboration with Lempka Edson Architects, LLC.