Eric Jaffe Joins HDR as Managing Principal

Eric Jaffe Joins HDR as Managing Principal

HDR welcomes Eric Jaffe, AIA, NCARB, as the Managing Principal of Princeton’s architecture studio. He brings 23 years of experience to the job with over two million square-feet of academic and research labs built during his career — plus an additional 500,000 square feet of space still in design or construction.

He is passionate about architecture’s complexity:

"From anthropology to history, sociology to psychology and design to engineering, all of these aspects and more contribute to the final design of every project. What makes architecture so wonderful is that when all of these aspects are applied, the design solutions not only satisfy the need for a physical space, but truly enhance the experiences of those working or living in and visiting these facilities.”

Eric is thrilled to join HDR because the company is at the “forefront of some of the most interesting and creative design solutions for our clients, and I want to be part of that,” he says. Eric sees his role as both one of pragmatic management and operations, as well as strategy and inspiration. His goals include ensuring that HDR’s employees and projects benefit from the best design ideas; that each individual is challenged to excel at his or her professional goals; and that we continue to develop our expertise and mentor one another for both the company’s benefit and our clients’ benefit.

“I am excited to have Eric join HDR as the Managing Principal of the Princeton studio. As a resident of Princeton who has a strong commitment to design excellence, I think Eric provides us with a unique opportunity to build on the studio's success. I’m looking forward to growing the HDR brand in New Jersey, and especially in the communities surrounding the Princeton area.”

Mike Konsko, East Region Director of Operations

The majority of Eric’s career has taken place in research environments at top academic institutions including Duke, Princeton and Yale, as well as with corporate clients such as Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim and GSK. Eric considers his best strengths to be technical architecture, project management and business.     

You can connect with Eric on LinkedIn or eric.jaffe [at] (email.)