HDR’s Burcin Moehring Forms AIA Seattle’s Committee on Architecture for Education

What a difference a year makes! Burcin Moehring, FAIA, Education Science & Technology Principal in HDR’s Seattle architecture studio, co-founded, along with Rebecca Barnes, FAIA, University Architect at the University of Washington-Seattle, AIA Seattle’s first-ever Committee on Architecture For Education. The committee celebrated its first anniversary in March.  

For the past year, AIA Seattle-CAE has and continues to make an impact on education through local events, programs and tours that strengthen relationships among architects, allied organizations, client groups and the public at large.

“One of HDR's goals is to contribute to our design and construction industry. Starting this committee in Seattle gives us an opportunity to serve our community and make a positive impact on our environment, society and the aesthetics of our architecture. I’m inspired, challenged and thrilled to be collaborating with my amazing colleagues in the Pacific Northwest,”

says Burcin, who also formed AIA Chicago-CAE.

AIA Seattle-CAE is the local chapter of the national AIA committee of architects and allied professionals who are engaged in understanding the link among teaching, learning and the built environment. This local committee was formed in order to have a hometown CAE presence — and a place to share knowledge gained from members’ own work in locations all over the world.

“The dynamic conversations hosted by the committee have greatly enriched the work of our members in this practice area at a time when increasing attention is being paid to the critical importance of well-designed educational facilities.”

Lisa Richmond, Executive Director, AIA Seattle

Upcoming events for the Seattle chapter include an independent school panel on April 25, at which panelists representing independent schools will explore the intersection among campus environments, educational missions and learning. Future program topics include maker spaces, interactive learning classrooms and historic preservation case studies.

“Burcin’s focus on leadership and knowledge-sharing have created a sense of community in the higher education and K-12 schools in the Seattle region. In the long term, this certainly will improve the quality of educational facilities for students and educators in our region,”

says Rebecca Barnes, co-founder of AIA Seattle-CAE.