HDR’s Schubert Receives International Water Conference Merit Award

John Schubert

John Schubert, HDR’s industrial process technical leader, has received the International Water Conference’s 2017 annual merit award for his outstanding contributions to the IWC and the industrial water industry. The award was presented during the IWC now underway in Orlando, Florida.

Each year the International Water Conference presents the annual merit award to honor outstanding individuals in the field of industrial water technology. Schubert was selected to receive the award because he is a recognized leader in a water-related field.  He is also being recognized for his efforts to inspire others to make major contributions in pertinent water-related technology or its application and his contributions to the advancement of the IWC.

Schubert has 39 years of experience in industrial water and wastewater process development and design. He has experience with nearly all water and wastewater treatment processes currently in use, including membrane, thermal, physical/chemical, aerobic and anaerobic biological processes and dewatering systems. Prior to joining HDR, he managed USFilter's process validation group, which was responsible for multiple technology pilot systems in municipal and industrial sectors. He was responsible for technology development, process design and operations for the waste treatment division of TETRA Technologies, and for all technical aspects of company performance for MET, a company he founded and ultimately sold to USFilter. Schubert’s experience is extensive in the steel, refining, mining, power, energy and chemical sectors.

The IWC is the world’s premier conference for understanding and dealing with the technical and business challenges of industrial water treatment.

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