Jeffrey Owens Promoted to Principal Laboratory Planner at HDR

Jeffrey Owens, MPH, CSP has been promoted to Principal Laboratory Planner within HDR’s architectural practice.

Since joining HDR in 2013, Jeffrey has helped numerous clients better understand how their scientific processes and protocols translate to physical space. Trained as a microbiologist and certified in biological safety, Jeffrey brings a critical perspective to the design of public health institutions across the globe.

“In the years that Jeff has been with HDR, he has had a substantial impact — providing a unique set of biosafety skills and knowledge, building an industry network and constantly driving to grow the business. As a Principal Planner, we look forward to Jeff’s help in continuing to build the E|S|T sector.”

Steve Riojas, Global Director, Education | Science | Tech 

As a public health specialist at HDR, Jeffrey has been involved in lab planning and programming activities domestically and overseas, most notably in the Southeast Asia and Middle East regions, working for various Ministries of Health and Agriculture as they develop in-country capabilities to address and respond to the needs for basic and applied research in avian influenza and other emerging infectious diseases.

Jeffrey is highly regarded in the Biological Safety community for his work with the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA). He is a teacher, expert and leader in promoting biosafety and biosecurity both in the United States and on a global stage. For over a decade Jeffrey has been an integral part of shaping the direction and coursework at the annual ABSA conference. The classes he teaches at the event are well attended and sought after by attendees.

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