Mark Chen Joins HDR’s Atlanta Studio as Design Principal

HDR welcomes Mark Chen, AIA, as a Design Principal in the Atlanta architecture studio. He brings 35 years of experience to the role, having provided architecture, master planning and urban design services to education, commercial and healthcare clients in the U.S., Europe and China in the past.

Mark is passionate about the ways in which architecture can make a difference in the world and have an impact on people’s lives:

“Our physical environment affects all of us. We love to be in places that feel good and look great, and as architects, we have the ability to create these beautiful places."

In his role as Design Principal, Mark is helping the Atlanta and Charlotte studios build their design teams, continue to do great work and bring in new clients.

He is known for the quality of his work, client service and collaborative work style. Design is a creative endeavor, he says, and he enjoys solving design problems for our clients through a process that’s both enjoyable and engaging.

“Mark brings great design talent, organizational skills and energy to the Atlanta market. His talent will be a great stepping stone to the future success of HDR’s Atlanta studio.”

Juan-Pablo Perez, Managing Principal

A graduate of Harvard University, Mark has taught classes there, as well as at Syracuse University, NYIT and Rhode Island School of Design. He has also served as a visiting critic at many other architecture schools.