Matt Skarr Joins HDR as Director of Business Development for Justice

Matt Skarr Joins HDR as Director of Business Development for Justice

Matt Skarr joins HDR’s Civic Program as a director of business development for justice, working out of the Chicago architecture office.

“Matt will advance our national practice in courts, detention, and corrections in the west and central regions of the U.S. With a strong sales and business development background, he’s devoted his career to planning, project management, and selling services. Hungry for a new challenge eight years ago he dove into justice architecture, where he immediately found a home."

Mike Brenchley, Director, Justice

“I’m excited to work for a great company, with tremendous resources and a 100-year history of designing industry changing projects across the US and in all parts of the world, and with a team of outstanding advocates and experts focused on the cutting edge trends in the industry. I look forward to elevating our Justice program to create a fluid and focused business development process to open new opportunities and relationships, and solidify our relationships with long-standing partners and clients.”    

Passionate about connecting with people, he approaches his work with a client-advocate focus, making sure he understands what clients want and need, along with the issues and constraints they face. Matt is energized by working with teams and especially enjoys the commitment and continuity he finds in the justice program.

Matt is a results-oriented relationship builder and is proud that he will be the “face” of justice to many of our clients and partners. Competitive and laser focused, Matt says, “I think it’s important to not only think strategically, but to elevate it to the next level—with tactical planning. I’m able to seamlessly transition from discussing an approach, process, or issue, to help our subject matter experts start to implement it.”