RMEL Honors HDR’s Grennan with Life Member Award

Dennis Grennan

Dennis Grennan, Power client development leader in HDR’s Omaha office, received an honorary life member award from RMEL at its 2017 Fall Executive Leadership and Management Conference, being held this week in Tucson, Arizona.

Grennan has 46 years, including 13 years with HDR, of progressive experience in the electric utility industry. He has led business development in the power sector while working on many energy projects as project manager and client manager. He covered an eight-state region and provided direction in organization and communications as HDR’s power sector expanded. Prior to joining HDR, Grennan spent 32 years with the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD).

He served on the RMEL board of directors from 1997 to 2003. He was president of RMEL in 2001, and has been continuously active in the association, which facilitates the discovery of solutions and strategies for vital issues facing the electric utility industry. He received the RMEL association’s Distinguished Leadership Award in 2004.

“The power industry is quickly evolving, and I am thankful for RMEL and all of the smart and thoughtful people involved with this association,” Grennan said. “It’s a group of people that I trust. We can turn to each other during times of change and opportunity to collectively make decisions that benefit our companies and the industry as a whole.”

Grennan has particularly enjoyed his work with the RMEL Foundation, which awards scholarships to students pursuing a career in the electric utility industry. During his presidency in 2001, the RMEL Foundation awarded the first scholarship awards — two $500 scholarships. This became a springboard for the foundation, which now awards multiple scholarships totaling close to $90,000 annually. Since that inception in 2001, the growth reflects 270 scholarships totaling $667,000 over the past 16 years.

Grennan adds that RMEL membership has been invaluable to HDR as well.

“HDR has been able to build trusted relationships with electric utilities through RMEL and its conferences, workshops and roundtables,” he said. “The level of sharing we find at RMEL has been outstanding for fostering relationships that grow the industry and help us push meaningful services out to electric utilities. In addition, HDR’s active participation and contribution to RMEL committees allow us to keep the pulse on the client, while serving the greater good of the industry.”

Grennan also highlights the strong connection at RMEL between bringing in young talent, showcasing exciting engineering and operations possibilities, helping emerging leaders reach their potential, and providing the forum for executive-level strategic discussion.

“I continue to stay involved with RMEL and the RMEL Foundation because they provide an opportunity for me to give back and help grow this industry while also staying up to date with the latest technology trends,” Grennan said. “There are so many power career opportunities, and the types of jobs continue to grow as we work to provide safe, reliable and affordable electricity, all while being environmental stewards.”

Grennan also serves on the Nebraska Power Review Board, and is Nebraska's representative for the Southwest Power Pool on the Regional State Committee.

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