Ambitious Everbright Life Center in China Shortlisted for WAN Award

Ambitious Everbright Life Center in China Shortlisted for WAN Award

The HDR-designed Everbright Life Center in Hainan, China has been shortlisted as one of three finalists for the World Architecture News 2018 Award in the category of Future Projects: Healthcare. Winners will be announced at a black-tie event in London on Nov. 20, 2018.

At Life Center, a holistic health journey blends Eastern and Western medicine to define a new path toward total wellness. Working with China Everbright Bank, HDR conducted benchmarking and comparative studies to find a unique way to design a futuristic destination for health and wellness that could match the client’s tremendous ambition. The new facility on Hainan will offer visitors and patients a spa-like destination with an advanced health program designed for rejuvenation and prevention.

Known for its silky sand, palm-fringed beaches and year-round tropical climate, Hainan is not only referred to as “China’s Hawaii,” but also was named “World Longevity Island” by the International Expert Committee on Population Aging and Longevity. It has emerged as one of Asia’s most popular getaways for tourists from around the globe. Building upon the getaway concept, the facility will promote medical and wellness tourism in harmony with nature.

A Rejuvenating Destination

A secluded world of beauty and serenity nestled up to the beachfront of a seaside village in Yalong Bay on Hainan Island, the 2.1M-square-foot Everbright Life Center is a lifestyle health and wellness destination designed under the concept, “Fountain of Rejuvenation.” The hotel-like facility — focused on new trends in holistic care, prevention and hospitality — will provide highly personalized, comprehensive services for prevention, treatment and management of the three pillars of health and wellness: mind, body and spirit.

Water, a source of vitality and serenity, informs the organic design vernacular that celebrates openness and an abundance of light. A veil-like smart enclosure allows most of the sun’s light into the facility, while blocking near-infrared radiation, cutting energy costs and reducing carbon emissions in this tropical setting where air conditioning is the largest component of a building’s energy requirements.


Natural ventilation, porous paving, photovoltaic glass, and a green roof contribute to a healthy design. A number of components comprise the resort-style destination:

  • The welcome center features a gently undulating façade visible from afar, creating a graceful, luminous and welcoming image inspired by the natural flow and rejuvenating quality of water — a concept carried throughout the entire site.
  • Private villas enhance the spa-like resort experience in contrast to a more traditional healthcare construct.
  • Passing the anti-aging center, medical spa and long-term stay building, visitors and patients are guided into a circular courtyard surrounded by a medical checkup center with an attached retail and commercial gallery, a healing hotel and a Chinese Medicine branch that also includes an agricultural farm.
  • Behind the medical checkup center, a senior housing unit attached to a rehabilitation center eases access to services for elderly guests and patients.
  • Furthest from the entrance are a mom & baby center for the purpose of maintaining the health and happiness of new mothers and infants, and an orbicular conference center for events.

Every building curves and stretches around the circular center courtyard for easy navigation. Pathways and green space encourage recreation and exercise and bring nature deep into the entire health and wellness experience.

International Awards Abound

In addition to a serendipitous groundbreaking on two continents on the same day last year, HDR also received an Architizer A+ Award for the Kolos Data Center, a Healthcare Design Magazine 2018 Design Showcase Award of Merit for Sunshine Coast University Hospital in Australia, and first prize in the Calw, Germany Urban Development Competition for a new health campus, as well as two awards for projects and two for design teams from Huawei, a leading information and communications technology provider.

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