Bridges to Prosperity Panama Team

Five HDR Employees to Build Footbridge in Nicaragua as part of Bridges to Prosperity Team

Five HDR employees from five different states will volunteer their skills as part of a Bridges to Prosperity team to design and build the La Guitarrilla Footbridge in Nicaragua, which will provide safe access across the Rio Wanawás for 10 surrounding communities. River water quickly becomes dangerous after even small amounts of rain, and when the Rio Wanawás floods, residents can be cut off from healthcare, schools and food markets in the city of Rio Blanca for 10 to 12 days. The new 77-meter suspension bridge will be built April 8 through 21, and will provide safe, year-round access to critical services for the 10 communities.

HDR volunteer team members are senior project manager Dom Sacchetti, serving as project lead; transit structures engineer Juan Coronado, safety manager; construction project coordinator Phillip King, construction manager; visualization practice lead James Lane, communications manager; and real estate services project manager Kim Hiebert, support team member. Offices represented include Charlotte, Denver, Fort Worth, Little Rock and Pittsburgh. The volunteers donate their time and pay their own travel expenses.

The bridge was made possible with a $36,000 grant from the HDR Foundation, which was applied to building-material costs. This is the third grant the HDR Foundation has made to Bridges to Prosperity. Among other successes, the organization notes a 24 percent increase in healthcare treatment in the communities helped and a 15 percent increase in local business as a result of their work.

“HDR is grateful to be a part of another Bridges to Prosperity footbridge project,” said Brent Felker, transportation group president. “Behind our company success is a diverse team of talented professionals passionate about making a difference and improving the human condition. I want to thank our team members for their commitment to help and wish them a safe and rewarding experience.”

About Bridges to Prosperity

B2P envisions a world where poverty caused by rural isolation no longer exists. They work with isolated communities to create access to essential economic, educational and health care opportunities by building footbridges over impassable rivers. Through local engagement, from regional governments to members of each partner community, B2P is committed to a sustainable model that puts the focus on people and the opportunities that make it possible for them to thrive. To learn more about B2P, how you can become a volunteer or industry partner, or to support their mission visit

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