HDR Experts Contribute to American Water Works Association Manual

Two HDR experts contributed to the newly released American Water Works Association manual M32 Computer Modeling of Water Distribution Systems, Fourth Edition. Ferdous Mahmood, P.E., was an author for Chapter 10, Transient Analysis, and for Chapter 8, Storage Tank Mixing and Water Age. Saša Tomic’, P.E., Ph.D., was lead author of Chapter 9, Model Maintenance, a new chapter in this edition, and Chapter 4, Hydraulic Calibration, and also served as a technical editor and peer reviewer of the entire manual.

Computer modeling is one of the most powerful tools a water utility has for managing and operating a water distribution system. The fourth edition of M32 Computer Modeling of Water Distribution Systems has been updated to reflect significant changes in computer modeling and the water industry. It has more information on asset management, and new chapters on model maintenance and advanced modeling applications such as real-time modeling.

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