HDR Fellow Redemske Publishes Research on Healthcare in the Prison Environment

Many states in the U.S. struggle to provide the required constitutional level of healthcare to their growing population of inmates. While numerous care models have been created using both in-house and community based facilities, HDR’s Health Planning Principal Dave Redemske recognized the need for a comprehensive study on the topic.

As the recipient of an HDR Fellowship, Redemske dedicated a year to researching and analyzing the optimal location to provide prison healthcare services. His research efforts culminated with his publication, Providing Healthcare in the Prison Environment: What Services Belong Behind Bars and What Services Belong in the Community Setting? 

Over the course of his fellowship, Redemske immersed himself in a systematic review of literature, analyzing 165 pertinent sources. Narrowing his focus to the U.S. prison system, Redemske broke down the subject into several types of care: ambulatory and general, elder, women’s, emergency/trauma, mental health, dental and palliative (including hospice).

“Over 95 percent of inmates will eventually get out of prison,” Redemske states. “And many of them are older and suffer from chronic illness. If we do not properly treat their medical and mental health needs during incarceration, these inmates will bring those issues back into society. This could have a significant impact on public health issues, and is especially critical to safety net hospitals who absorb the higher percentage of their care.” While there is no “one size fits all” answer to the issue of care for inmates, Redemske believes this research offers crucial information and dialogue that can be incorporated when designing correctional facilities.

Read Providing Healthcare in the Prison Environment

The HDR Fellowship program was developed to promote thought leadership and innovation. Each year, three full-time employees are selected to develop applied research projects that advance services we provide to our clients and communities.

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