Calw Gesundheiscampus Modell

HDR Wins Urban Development Competition for Calw Health Campus in Germany

HDR's Stuttgart architecture studio, in collaboration with the Leipzig engineering office of Prof. Dr. med. Ing. Vogt Planungsgesellschaft (planning company) mbH, recently won first prize in the urban ideas competition for a new health campus in Calw, Germany. The 13-member jury announced the unanimous decision to the Europe-wide competition on Wednesday, March 28, 2018.

The goal of the competition was the land planning and site design of a 16-acre (6.5 hectare) parcel, including conceptual design and positioning of both buildings and open spaces, while adhering to functional and density requirements and staying within budget. The competition was organized by the District and City of Calw, the Southwest Clinic Association, Calw Center for Psychiatry – Northern Black Forest Hospital, Pforzheim / Calw / Nagold / Bad Wildbad / Waldbronn Dialysis Centers, and S-Immobilienvermögen (South Real Estate Assets) GmbH & Co KG.

With human-centered, urban principles at the forefront, the competition brief suggested a campus of individual buildings or an articulated complex connected by courtyards and other green spaces to elevate the environment and experience for patients, visitors and staff. Additionally, the optimization of efficient patient and staff routes while ensuring the campus could adapt to future requirements was a key focus.

Teams from 14 architecture firms across Europe initially entered the competition. In January, five teams advanced to the second round in which the team from HDR and Prof. Dr. med. Ing. Vogt, respectively leading design and engineering, was the overall winner. The other finalists received two third and two fifth places.

"The competition winner has made a convincing proposal in terms of functionality, urban planning, architecture and efficiency, which is also reflected in the unanimous jury's recommendation," praised Albrecht Reusch, district treasurer and project manager, Calw Health Campus, regarding the competition outcome.

Dr. med. Jörg Noetzel, medical director of the Southwest Clinic Association, emphasized the quality of HDR’s proposal: "From our point of view, the design we have chosen works best on the campus idea. Architecturally, it fits perfectly into the landscape, ideally taking into account the functional relationships of future partners, existing ones from the NDT, the dialysis center, the hospital, as well as our clinic building. The clinic area is very well integrated into the overall structure and the wayfinding really takes into account very well the potential flows of patients and visitors. When you look at the model, you actually feel that you are entering the area with its various healthcare providers via a 'campus piazza', and thus benefit from the cross-sectional integration of our future-oriented joint project."

The winning designs were displayed April 9 – 20 in the Calw County Office.

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