HDR’s León Appointed WEF Community of Practice Director

Luis León

Luis León, condition assessment and rehabilitation lead and senior project manager, has been appointed by the Committee Leadership Council to the Directors of the Communities of Practice for the Water Environment Federation. He is based in HDR’s Claremont, California, office.

León is one of three new Communities of Practice Directors. As part of WEF’s Committee Leadership Council, the directors share ideas and improve communications between the WEF board and the WEF committees. Each director’s term lasts two years. As communities practice director for Resource and Recovery, León will be the liaison for three WEF Committees: Disinfection and Public Health, Residuals and Biosolids, and Water Reuse.

A professional engineer, León brings more than 34 years of leadership and management experience in the water and wastewater industry. He received a bachelor of science in civil engineering from Northrop University and holds professional engineering licenses in several states and numerous certifications from the National Association of Sewer Service Companies.

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