HDR Wins Evidence-Based Design Touchstone Award for Third Consecutive Year

Award-Winning Healthcare Facility Research

HDR, in a multi-firm partnership, has won The Center for Health Design’s Evidence-based Design Touchstone Award at the Gold Level for research at New Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

The Touchstone Award recognizes the use of an evidence-based design process in the pursuit of increasing value, improving outcomes and engaging stakeholders. Awards were presented to projects that showed exemplary achievement across the touchstones of the EBD process: collaboration, evaluation and sharing.

This is a remarkable team in terms of its depth and breadth,” a juror stated. “Members of the team cover almost every conceivable key stakeholder from planning all the way through to the creation and dissemination of research related to the Parkland Hospital project. Given that strength, I would expect to see quite a few research papers created and shared over the next few years.”

The research team has already published findings in the Health Environments Research & Design Journal (HERD), “From Competition to Collaboration: How a Multi-firm Research Coalition is Realizing Rigorous Facility Evaluation at Parkland Hospital.”


"I'm particularly proud of this year's Touchstone Award because of the collaborative team that came together and stuck together over several years while crossing disciplines and ostensibly competitive organizations to earn it; and because we deliberately engaged the most rigorous methods possible to mitigate the potential for bias,” said Dr. Jeri Brittin, director of research. “More attention to study limitations and bias is needed in the industry, and we strove to set an example.”

Brittin leads the HDR research team which includes Researcher Francesqca Jimenez, Research Analyst Renae Rich, and Senior Researcher Susan Puumala.

HDR in 2018 also won a Gold Level Touchstone Award for work with Great Plains Health, and in 2017 a Silver Level Touchstone Award for work with the Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation. Touchstone Award recipients will be announced and celebrated at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference during The Center for Health Design Awards on Nov. 3.

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