Transit-Oriented Development Design

HDR Wins Two Transit-Oriented Development Design Competitions in Chengdu, China

Led by new partner HDR | Calthorpe, HDR’s interdisciplinary team recently won two design competitions for urban planning near rail stations in Chengdu, a Chinese city with more than 16 million residents. The contractor and developer, Chengdu Rail Transit Group, announced the decision July 23.

During the competitions, HDR examined ways to synchronize land use around the proposed sites of White Buddha Bridge Station and Linjiang Village Station. Woven into the new city fabric, the stations will foster ample space for a vibrant street life with mixed-use amenities.

Chengdu’s rapidly expanding metro network will total 2,450 kilometers, with plans to simultaneously build eight new lines. The city fully embraces the concept of transit-oriented development to maximize its benefits, because it focuses on improving mobility, expanding ridership, serving new markets and reducing congestion. The proposed station designs also incorporate key sustainable practices — carbon sequestering and modular mass timber construction, green roofs, solar controls, and water curtains.

As the city's key infrastructure provider, Chengdu Rail Transit Group is leading development of more than 100 major transit sites, enlisting 10 domestic and international design firms through a stringent selection process.

HDR made the shortlist of qualified firms in May, entered its two designs in July, and won both competitions.

Team members anticipate project start dates in September 2019.

“We explore ways to design resilient, modern cities,” said Charlie Hales, urban planning director. “And we’re thrilled to work in Chengdu. These successful design competitions are the result of strong collaboration among six HDR offices from three countries, demonstrating our ability to find the best solutions for our clients.”

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