Dr. Deb Carlson, Board Chair of WELLCOM; Mark Ellinger, HDR; Theresa Nelson, President and CEO of WELLCOM

HDR received the WELLCOM I.C.E. (Innovate, Connect, Engage) Award at the 2019 Wellness Awards Gala in Omaha, Nebraska.

The WELLCOM I.C.E. Award recognizes corporate wellness, cultural innovation and impact, and this year honored HDR’s groundbreaking work to promote wellness through the design and formal evaluation of our own workplace environments.

As designers of the built environment across a wide range of scales, HDR is committed to creating and providing optimal and cost-effective physical work environments to support employees’ well-being, engagement, productivity and overall happiness at work.

Specifically, HDR’s research team designed and implemented a formal research study to test the actual impacts of the new headquarters building and neighborhood on aspects of employees’ well-being, including experience of the work environment, engagement, performance and objective measures of physical activity and sedentary behavior during work time.

“We believe that knowing the impacts is essential to making our designs even better in the future,” said Dr. Jeri Brittin, director of research. “We’re honored that the WELLCOM jury saw the foresight and value in this work, and we’re grateful to our HDR collaborators and leaders who are contributing to make it happen.”

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